I live in Melbourne, Australia and have been following a (mostly) vegan diet since October 2010 (I still eat molluscs and honey).

Since then I’ve been discovering quite a few foods which were new to me and read some interesting cook books too.

Currently, I’m trying to find out which of my favourite beers are vegan-friendly.

The aim of this blog is to note down my experiences in adhering to this diet so it might be used as a reference for others trying to adhere to a vegan diet and also to get some helpful feedback from people already successfully adhering to veganism.


3 Responses to About

  1. Danielle says:


    I was wondering if you’d like to be part of planet.vegmel.com, a collection of veg*n blogs in Melbourne. If you’d like to take part, let me know and I can add your RSS feed to the site and your posts will appear in with everyone elses.

    All the best,

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