Grill’d: Vegan Burgers and Chips in the Melbourne CBD

A rare night on the town last night afforded me the opportunity to try Grill’d’s vegan options.  Their menu features three vegie burgers, all of which include various animal products as standard but are easily excluded on request (e.g. mayo, cheese etc.).  I decided on the Bombay Bliss which included a chick pea patty, roasted capsicum, salad, onion and relish with a side of chips.  I had to exclude the tzatziki for obvious reasons.

The burger was quite good if a little dry (for which the tzatziki would probably compensate) and the chips were very, very morish. I noticed that there were a few vegan beer options in the fridge at Grill’d too: White Rabbit dark ale and pint-size bottles of Little Creatures Bright Ale should cover any vegan’s bases.

I would definitely eat at Grill’d again; you can’t beat the combination of its central location (Degraves St in the CBD on this occasion), quality food, good vegan beer options and easy vegan ordering.  Two thumbs up!

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