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Grill’d: Vegan Burgers and Chips in the Melbourne CBD

A rare night on the town last night afforded me the opportunity to try Grill’d’s vegan options.  Their menu features three vegie burgers, all of which include various animal products as standard but are easily excluded on request (e.g. mayo, … Continue reading

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Grill’d Vegan Options thanks to “Vegan About Town”

So, I always thought that if chips were cooked in vegetable oil they’d be vegan but apparently the chips are routinely pre-coated in tallow!  Bad times indeed.  Grill’d of Melbourne have recently sourced and now use vegan chips so you … Continue reading

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OMG. Kale Chips!

OK, I’d heard from a few sources that one should really try cooking kale chips.  Tonight, with our abundant supply of home-grown kale, we finally got around to it and my word, what a revelation! So, I’ll say what everyone … Continue reading

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