Vegan Dinner at Seamstress, Melbourne

Had a very rare dinner out and took the opportunity to check out Seamstress which actually denoted which meals on the menu are vegan.  We had the steamed silken tofu hotpot, caramelised eggplant, sides of gai lan (without oyster sauce), rice, and snow peas with water chestnuts.  For less than $100 including drinks between 2 people, this was a really good value and quality meal.

One of the things I really enjoyed about the meal, in hindsight, was not having to quiz the staff to make sure the meal is vegan.  The staff were really switched onto it.

Given that the menu specifies which dishes are vegan it would be nice to see the same applied to the drinks menu although that might be a little unrealistic.  Fortunately I didn’t need to research the beer list to know which beers were vegan. 😉

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OMG. Kale Chips!

OK, I’d heard from a few sources that one should really try cooking kale chips.  Tonight, with our abundant supply of home-grown kale, we finally got around to it and my word, what a revelation!

So, I’ll say what everyone else has said: do yourself a favour and cook up some kale chips.  It’s damn easy and über yummy. 🙂

(We cooked them at 180c for 10 minutes)

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My Vegan Experience in Hobart

Well, it’s been a little while since I returned from my overnight trip to Hobart but I thought it might still be worthwhile noting where I had success in eating out.  I was staying around Salamanca and had success with two eateries in particular: Annapurna Indian restaurant and Machine Laundry Cafe, both in Salamanca.

Annapurna let a bunch of 7 of us in just before the kitchen was due to close and offered 3 or 4 vegan options.  I had the dal which was really quite nice and was well supported by a selection of Moo Brew beers of which I had both the pilsner and pale ale.

The Machine Laundry Cafe I had visited on a prior trip to Hobart but before I went vegan, so this was effectively a new experience.  A couple of vegan options were available and I tried both during my stay in Hobart.  The soup special was OK but the standout performer was the lentil burger (pictured below).  The burger itself was a combination of lentils and pumpkin (nice) and the other fillings were grated carrot, grated beetroot, iceberg lettuce, coriander, capers and a garnish of sweet chili sauce.  All in all, a very satisfying meal.  And the coffee isn’t half bad either.

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Vegan Deodorant Success – Crystal Stick

After trying a couple of vegan deodorants (not antiperspirants) I think I will be happily settling with the Crystal Stick.  I really love that I can know I’m sweating and also know I won’t be stinking.  Winner.

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Roasted Vegetables with Sesame & Soy Greens

We’d set out to roast up some vegetables and to spruce things up a bit I grabbed some choy sum, mixed in some sesame oil and soy sauce.  Together these elements made a really well-rounded dish I reckon although I really didn’t expect it to work out so well!  Looks pretty good too.

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Bridge Road Brewery & Bright Brewery – Vegan Beers

Thanks to work I had a cheeky little trip to Bright over the weekend.  Driving by myself I made a small detour vie Beechworth to make a flying stop at Bridge Road Brewery, finally.  While I wasn’t able to hang around for a proper session at Bridge Road I did have a taste of 4 beers including Bling IPA, Hope Harvest, Robust Porter and Saison (from their Chevalier range).

While I was certainly happy to have tasted these brews on tap I had to settle for taking a couple of take-aways to be consumed at a later date: the Chestnut Pilsner and a bottle of the Biere de Garde.  I’ve since had the Pilsner and thought it was just great and the Biere de Garde is still awaiting its fate.  Thanks, Naked Ned!

Bright Brewery beers are vegan as well (well, at least the ones listed on the Vegetarian Network Victoria page).  While I don’t think they quite match Bridge Road’s beers for taste they were certainly convenient and ethically sound when you happen to be staying in Bright (as I was!).

I was also pleasantly surprised to find that the Bright Chalet sells Schöfferhofer Weizen and Kristallweizen which I’m fairly sure is vegan (will be making further enquiries about that).

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Falafel Wraps for Dinner (But no session vegan beer).

The house is eerily quiet for a Friday night:  wife’s asleep on the couch, baby’s asleep, dog’s asleep.  I cooked up some falafel and made some excellent wholemeal wraps with some hommus, alfalfa sprouts, tomato, chili sauce and spinach leaves and in the end I was the only one for dinner.  Oh well, I could probably eat the whole lot by myself anyway!

The one blemish on the evening has been the absence of a good, vegan, cleansing ale (but not one of my gucci ones).  I walked up the nearest Woolworths Liquor and they only sold Coopers Best Extra Stout by the case and I wasn’t feeling up to carrying a whole case back home.  I suppose I could have grabbed a 6-pack of Little Creatures Pale Ale (quite good, refer to my vegan beer list) but this cooler weather calls for the darker arts.

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