Vegan Beer Adventures in Melbourne – Local Taphouse, St.Kilda

So I’m catching up with some friends at the Local Taphouse, St.Kilda today and today happens to be the Taphouse’s annual “Spec-tap-ular”. All the taps will feature new, exciting and experimental brews from brewers all over the country and I’ll be sure to check which of them are vegan friendly

I checked out yesterday and it looks like a great and dynamic site for finding vegan-friendly beer, wine and spirits.  It would be handy if you could refine the beer list by country but, hey, you can find beers from all around the world in any good bottle-o so I guess it’s no biggy.  What’s more, Barnivore provide templates for letters/emails to send to your favourite breweries/wineries to ask whether their products are vegan-friendly.  Simply forward the response to Barnivore and they’ll add the products to the list (depending on the suitability of the product, of course!).

I suspect that most microbreweries in Australia are vegan-friendly as they tend to use higher quality ingredients and be generally in tune with community sentiment but it always pays to be on the safe side.

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